"It's All about the Magic of Cigars-Coffee, Wine, and Chess Compatible..."
Cigarpoet Affirmations is a Cigar review blog that will explore the cultural lifestyle, tradition and historical significance of Cigars which are becoming increasingly popular and it is something that is enjoyed for various reasons on various occasions. It is something that many like to relax with after a hard day at work or something to enjoy with a book. It is a perfect way to spend time with friends either over a game of golf, or a game of poker or in a club over drinks. It is something that many like to enjoy at their own pace at home or on a stroll on a beach or any other place to smoke without disturbance. They are also ideal gifts to give to ones near and dear or colleagues. Cigarpoet is a Tarot Cigar Reader, Poet, Published Author, Mentor/Teacher/Counselor, Chess Instructor.!