Cigarpoet Affirmations

Cigars seem to fit and align perfectly with social media being that cigars in itself encourages social interaction.  I have met some wonderful people through cigars and it is no incident that cigars would be a natural part of today's social media. This new media has provided smokers a stronger connection to the cigar world.  Everyone seems to benefit from this new internet medium as a way to communicate and be in the "loop" of things from cigar events, new trends, brands, collectibles and everything pertaining to cigars.  From Hawaiian wiki (quick) the web is promoting cigars faster than ever allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site that encourages even nontechnical users to engage with others on related topics like wine, poetry, chess and cigars. The interesting nature of cigar smoking is that it can be incorparted to any medium of art and forms part of a lifestyle for many actors, musicians and even atheletes celebrating a victory. The tradition of passing out cigars for special events, such as for the birth of a child, is very magical and special which originated long ago with the indigenous people of North America and the tradition has been around for generations.