Candle Spell with a Cigar

An attraction spell works with the power of your intention. Three basic items can be utilized to create your desired effect to manifest your objective:

1. Color candle- green for money
2. Condition oil
3. Written petition  

First write out your goal on picture of the item, idea, object  you want to attract like a logo or business card, or use a brown paper bag. Carve into the candle money, car, job, whatever you want, Etc. Rub top to bottom anointing oil such as good luck, success, prosperity, attraction oil on candle. Likewise you may burn some attraction incense to purify environment while smoking a cigar (which is optional) will induce a positive vibration around you and your space as the candle burns invoking and meditating on your aspirations. Say your petition and place it underneath candle holder visualize your intent and light. You can use a 7 day glass pull out candle, or use 6 inch candles for a period of 3 to 7 consecutive days. This is fairly simple to do and it mostly involves your intent and positive attitude. Good Luck in achieving your goals. If you like for me to burn a candle on your behalf  fill out option below and I will set a light for you.

Candle options