Cracked Cigar Leaf

 Cigar Ebook
When everything crumbles around you like cracked cigar leaves and you are feeling like a failure because you lost your job, business, relationships falling apart, kicked out of school, giving your dog away, cell phone service cut, in debt, getting evicted, and the list goes on you get the picture. To build yourself up again and get a fresh start you have to admit your fault and flaws and stop the blame game. Lets face it you messed up and gave up the fight to continue for one reason or another. Now you have to face the music and start the healing process by forgiving yourself and accept yourself 100% in failure and success and use it as a stepping stone to get over the hump and reach the next level. Realize your mistakes and let it marinate as a sweet lesson- "don't take things for granted and finish what you start". Challenge yourself again and again to test your metal and resolve. Polish off those rusty memories and painful regrets, lick the tobacco leaf and patch your life together again piece by piece because you can still smoke a cracked cigar and enjoy it. Ache! 

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