Moon Secrets

 Moon Card
The Moon is in a constant state of flux as it rotates around the earth. The moon does not actually change shape it just seems like it does when it grows larger and smaller during the course of the month. These visual alterations gives it the illusion that the moon is changing position in relation to the earth and sun. One side of the moon is always illuminated by the rays of sun as it rotates around earth. The moonlight that is visible to the eye shifts in the night sky forming the  different shapes of the moon.
The lunar cycles starts out with a dark sky (New Moon) and gradually increases (waxing moon) until it reaches a state of fullness (Full Moon) it takes 29 1/2 days to complete it's rotation around the earth. To benefit from the power of the moon one can start working in alignment with the energy phases of the moon to either attract something or to repel. For example, if you want to attract money, love, a car, house, it's best to seek this out when moon is waxing; otherwise, if you want to cancel, eliminate, or get rid of something like a bad  habit marriage/abusive relationship, or anything deemed negative, work this out when the moon is waning and decreasing. Try this on for size, the next time you see a full moon look at it and repeat 3x: "Lovely lady of  the moon bring me your wealth right soon. Fill my pockets with money and gold all my hands can hold". To view more topics about the moon- Continue Reading