Eye Opener

Third eye
We all have five basic outer senses to get information about the external world through touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and tasting. But there is another faculty that can be easily neglected by others due to culture, social, or other barriers in perceiving our inner world, and that is our intuitive mind. In this technological age, exploring the inner world or our inner self has been complicated because of the way our society operates in constantly urging us to purchase things through manipulative advertisement, and as a result civilization tends to ignore the spiritual side of us and fails to nourish our higher nature. To become a fully self-actualizing person, one has to expand their consciousness, and this is done by spending some quite time alone and listening to those inspirational thoughts that follow. This is just another way of saying meditate to tap that inner voice of wisdom, and shutting out the chaotic noise around you. Practicing meditation will build a resistance to a negative suggestion from others even from parents and family members which can lead to negative programming of your mind. For example, mom says you lack personality and in turn you act out that suggestion. In order to make room for the positive you have to first remove the negative programming of your mind.