Fortune Teller

Tarot reading fortune telling
The Tarot is used to reveal inner truths on how to interact with your world.  It is a form of divination and what is considered by mystics and occultist as  "Fortune Telling".  The Exact origin of the Tarot is really a mystery.  However, it first appears in Milan Italy under the name TAROCCO in the 14th century. Playing cards were a Chinese invention which found its way to Europe around 1375. Today's modern deck contain 78 cards. Cards 0-21 are known as the Major Arcana meaning profound secrets or mysteries. The rest of the deck consist of four suits of the Minor Arcana: Cups (love), Pentacles (money), Swords (intellect), and Wands (creative Passion). First of all tarot is similar to the ouija board which I won't touch; however tarot like the ouija board can open a door to the astral world and if you are not spiritually equipped and protected one should not dabble with tarot cards because you might let something negative and dark from the other side. For this reason not everybody is equipped to utilize tarot cards. To conduct a reading is simple. One way to do it is by shuffling the deck while keeping your mind clear to let the Tarot suggest an issue for you , or concentrate on a specific problem. With your left hand create four piles from left to right and pick one card from each pile in the same order and place each of these cards above the four piles:
1. the first card is what's at hand.
2. the second card  are past influences.
3. the third is to ponder the situation.
4. the last card is what to do.

If you go and purchase a tarot deck it should provide instructions and other types of spreads for specific questions.