Cigar Etiquette

Cigar Etiquette
I have listed twelve Cigar Etiquette tips for Cigar Aficionados as a guide to smoking a cigar with respect and dignity:  

1. Check your surroundings before lighting up.
2. Be considerate of non-smokers.
3. Use a wooden match or a butane-fueled lighter.
4. To put out your cigar don’t grind it like a cigarette and let it die out by itself.

5. Never light another person's cigar; instead offer your lighter or matches to them.
6. Never hold a cigar between the index and middle finger.
7. When someone offers you a cigar and you take it, make sure you
offer them a cigar in the future.
8. Never share your cigar; it is not a cigarette.
9. Don't smoke in confine spaces
10. Don't cut another person's cigar without asking.
11. Return any lighters or cutters that you borrow.
12. Have a cigar means taking only one and not loading up your pockets.